Friday, July 31, 2009

lack of blogs...

Not that I was ever Miss Super Blogger, but I was a little more consistant a few months ago...

welllllllllllllll after my 3rd Marathon this year, my left knee decided... that it had enough! I hate writing in my blog just to complain, because I like to think I'm a fun, optimistic, happy person. It was easier to just not write!

I have been walk/jogging 6-12 miles a week (mostly walking) and doing cardio via elliptical. I couldn't even imagine how it would feel to run over 2 miles straight. I hate that I'm not running, but I know I just need to rest my body if I ever want to attempt to run another marathon, or even half! It's funny when a 5k suddenly seems like a difficult task! I remember joking with one of my BFF's earlier this year that we'd never pay $30-$40 bucks to run 3.2 miles when we could get a huge medal and t-shirt for $50-$100 running 13.1-26.2 miles.... The only thing that is a joke anymore that I used to take being able to run 5k+ for granted! Big reality check for sure!

I'm hoping to stay off running for about another month, maybe attempt a 5-10k... if that goes well attempt training for the Columbus Half Marathon in October(I was planning to get a BQ time in the FULL marathon) if all goes well! On a very positive note, I have 10 toenails again ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm an auntie!!!!!!

My sister Jolie in labor

Great Grandpa, Proud Momma, and Auntie!

First Car ride!

First look @ her... love at first sight!

awaiting baby Olivia's arrival!

Mom, Sis, and I


First Day home!