Monday, March 30, 2009

I found a few of my races, and made an account:

It's such a cool concept! You just type your name in, and the website finds different races you may have run/biked/swam in.

heart mini marathon 15k results

I hate to be Debbie Downer, but it was my worst race I've ever run... I was negative when I woke up, I didn't even want to go. (it was rainy/windy/30ish degrees)

I woke up so late that I didn't eat breakfast, I ended up eating a GU in the car. I forgot my ipod at home. I wore brand new running shoes. I ran alone.

My first mile I felt good, but before I hit the 2nd mile mark, I started to sound like a horse... my shoes felt like they had bricks in them... I'm not sure what it wrong with my new fancy shoes, but I think I like my older cheaper style better. I was cussing in my head the entire race, I didn't have nutrition, Advil, or my ipod to keep me going. By mile 6 I was ready to pass out, I started walking up the highest elevation on the course and walked to the side to ask the Medical peeps to hook me up with ANYTHING with Sugar. I was so dizzy! I took the O.J. and chugged for a bit then made up a story in my head that it was magic super man juice and that this will save my race. Fortunately I made it to the top of the hill just in time for my super juice to kick in. So I got to fly down the hill and pass all the people that passed me while I was nearly passing out/walking up the hill. I know that tiny bit of the race that I walked was going to mess up my entire run... I kept repeating I drank the magic juice, i now have super powers in my head... and other crazy thoughts to just try to stay positive. I passed mile 7... WHEW... I didn't think I'd even make it that far... 1 more mile left.... STRAIGHT UP A HILL... I just kept looking for crowd support and people cheering and the finish line. The weather was so rainy/windy/cold... there weren't that many supporters. I decided to say a few words to a guy next to me so I could have anything to think about but my negativity. I had a half mile left and finally saw the finish line... I wanted to quit, I was just done... my superman juice failed me and I was on E. I just kept going... the last .3 of the 9.3 of the coaches from my flying pig training group tapped my on my shoulder... YAY finally... someone to keep me going... I was at this point about to faint... he just talked me through it, and we crossed the line at 1:14:01.

After the race I ate a banana and had an energy water, and couldn't believe I actually finished in an okay time, for how bad I felt, and nearly passing out. I was still really mad at myself for preparing right, staying in the night before, training groups, new music on my ipod... but not remembering to EAT breakfast, bring my ipod, wear comfy shoes!?!?? I should have at least ran it at a 7:30 pace(from my weekly runs with the training group)! not 7:58. Oh well... NEXT year I'll know what NOT to do :)

I feel very lucky to have my friends,
runninduff, and family cheering me on through texts, emails, and messages... thank you!




overall: 540
division place: 28 , out of 330 25-29 y/o women
women: 116, place out of 1624
10k time: 49:09
first mile: 6:50
last mile: 7:27
final time: 1:14:01
average pace: 7:58

Article from the Cincinnati Enquirer about the race: "Hip and back problems made 2008 pretty much of a “waste” for Chris Reis. He’s hoping to get back on track on 2009.

Reis took a big step on that journey Sunday with a win in the 15-kilometer Heart Mini-Marathon. Reis ran the course, most of which was on chilly, wet and windswept Columbia Parkway, in 49:03 – far below the times with which he won three consecutive Heart 15-k before sitting out last year’s, but still somewhat satisfying.

“I’m getting there,” the 27-year-old Delhi native said. “This wasn’t the greatest day for proving your fitness.”

Reis finished exactly a full minute ahead of Chris Herren. Last year’s winner, Brian List, finished third at 50:19.

They dealt with temperatures in the 30s, intermittent rain and swirling winds that never settled on one direction. "

Friday, March 27, 2009

heart mini marathon 15k 3/29/09

Goal is 1 hour and 10 mins....
crossing my fingers!!


(ft above sea level)

Fountain Square 551
2K turnaround 529
5K turnaround 578
10K turnaround 564
15K turnaround 513

Friday, March 20, 2009


I ran about 9 miles with my training group on Wednesday in our "hill" run workout in my new Mizuno's and awesome new Smart Wool sox. I have a huge/deep blister, and have a 17 mile run tomorrow morning at 8AM. How do I run the 17 miles with my blister? it's popped, opened, and "drying out". I know this is gross.. but I seriously need advice.

Did I get it from the new shoes? were my socks not good enough? or was it hills and my new faster pace? all of the above?!

(yes I took this at work, notice the mat for my chair, if my co-workers caught funny would that be!)

I feel like I have "broken in" feet, with calluses and thick skin... you name it.

Proof: I ran 2 marathons, and 1 half with only 1 or 2 tiny blisters on the tips of my toes.

Why now am I getting blisters on my arches? It's only happened recently, 2 wks ago in my old Mizuno's on a 14 mile run, and this week on a 9 mile run in my new shoes?

-slightly annoyed

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 year olds stress... not just mine.

friend (11:30:12 AM): alright got another starbucks
friend (11:30:14 AM): thats how stressed i am
friend (11:30:23 AM): 2 ventis before noon

.... to be cont.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ordered new shoes :)

Mizuno Wave Creation 10's... I'll give you a full report when I get them in 3-5 days! I cannot waittttttttt :)

this is what sold me:

"This was the most comfortable shoe I've ever run in." — Megan Kurtz, 25, Allentown

"They had outstanding support and were surprisingly lightweight." — Jillian Barber, 29, San Diego

Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Friday

On Vacation -my sister(L) and bff Nikki (R) in the BVI's December 2008
I'm famous... didn't ya know?!

Thanksgiving Day 10k Cincinnati

My mom and I boarding our "mother/daughter cruise"

best feeling in the world!

Ella my little nugget of love... I can't get enough!

not so good at the "blog"

I have nothing really to write today... or ever. But I want to start blogging, as you can tell.. I have all pictures.. not much writing. So I figure the first few blogs are going to suck (bare with me while you're reading... if anyone actually reads).

This is my running partner Ella, 1/2 French Bulldog 1/2 Boston Terrier.

flying pig group run marathon schedule march 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

GU me!

I did the craziest thing on Saturday morning... I finally decided to join the Saturday morning running group. (this was very hard for me, because my Friday night social life had to take a hit)

At 7:30AM my alarm went off (no hangover this Saturday morning!!), I hit snooze up until I had to throw a hat, gloves, and running shoes on... and was out the door w/ a banana in hand for my quick breakfast on the drive over the bridge to KY(about a 6 mile drive). I went for a 14 mile run with about 50 people or so in this running group. It was 23 degrees out and windy... and we ran from Newport's purple bridge up around Eden park/Mt. Adams(Cincinnati, OH) and back to the purple bridge in Newport, KY!!(picture below) I decided to run in the 8 minute pace group... and by the end was at the 8:30ish pace group... needless to say I got done in about 1:50? (I really need to get a garmin) I couldn't believe I did it, without it being a race.. no medal or support at the end... There were muliple times where I just wanted to stop and sit on the curb and open two GU packages, one vanilla bean, and one chocolate outrage and go at it like a delicious sundae... but I didn't! I guess what pushed me to keep going was to know that I could eat whatever I wanted the rest of the day guilt free, and the fact that I was running next to a really fun guy in my running group (we happen to be the only two at same pace). After this run I feel like... I'm officially a running freak!

This picture is the closest thing I could find to our route:

P.S. wear good socks, not "cute" ones that claim to be for running... I knew better!!: