Friday, May 22, 2009

Dogs took me on a walk/jog

Wednesday night I went out for my first run/walk after the marathon. I was puppy watching for my friend Steph and decided to take the girls for a walk!

as you can see... Gucci ran out of battery life before I made it home(see the green start)... I wanted to show you the crazy elevation in the hills. It's not called "Mt. Lookout" for nothing! I think it was probably a solid 4 mile walk/jog. Felt amazing!
My Pup Ella with her friend Rilee that I was dog watching before our walk. I may have, or may have not been holding a treat....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Spirit of the Marathon

I'm so in love with this, my parents bought me the DVD last week and I just watched it. This moves me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Videos from the Cleveland Marathon 2009

Mile 6, feeling so stong!

Around mile 8.. feeling great!! This is why I run... the smile on my face and the way I was feeling at this time!

Mile 17 when I knew my knee was hurt... I just say "I just want to run it in 4 hours".

Finishing the Cleveland Marathon

2009 Cleveland Marathon Photos and Results

Saturday morning before heading to Cleveland my mom surprised us with fun shirts!
Dinner @ an Italian Restaurant Osteria, Downtown Cleveland. Having my 2nd glass of wine... it's Tradish.. I cannot run w/o my wine!

within the first 7 miles of the Cleveland marathon, I made friends... in the white and green w/ dark hair is Lindsay running the 1/2 marathon, and on the bright pink w/ white hat is Dawn

Back group shot!

after the race photo w/ the whole family in the fun "Team Danielle" shirts
Oh Mom... no photos ;)

wraps on my joints... my right knee and ankle gave me a pretty tough time but no worries.. i finished that sucker under 4 hrs!

(note* the elevation on 1k+ had to be up in my hotel room?!)


Clock Time 03:58:43
Chip Time 03:57:52
Overall Place 818 / 9520
Gender Place 170 / 4973
Division Place 50 / 1042
Pace 9:04.5

Split10K 0:50:58 (8:12 pace)
Half 1:49:10 (8:19 pace)
Split30K 2:42:59 (8:44 pace)
Marathon 3:57:52 (9:04 pace)

My right knee started aching at mile 14.5... and as you can see... my pace got higher and higher. but I'm so glad I finished and can proudly claim that I'm crazy enough to run 2 marathons in 2 weeks under 4 hours :) (I'll shoot for Boston, 3:40 time, next time!!)

3rd time trying to qualify is the charm right?

Check other 2009 Cleveland Marathon Results HERE.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday! TGIF!!

I'm getting antsy! I cannot wait to run on Sunday. I never thought I'd feel unsore EVER again. I think I've honestly been sore for 10 days straight; the first 2 days after the marathon are always pretty sore... then I did "whatever" I did to my right calf and was limping around, then I got massage therapy which made everything sore all over... but that "hurt so good" feeling.

Today I feel 100% not sore! Woooooooohoooooooooo! 2 days with no pain... then. dun dun dunnnnn another marathon Sunday :) No pain, no gain?!

Last night my boyfriend, Mr. Dubs is what I'll refer to him as and I went to dinner with friends after playing hooky for his sand volleyball game... we figured drinking and hanging out with friends would be much more fun!

The weather was about 65 degrees and a gorgeous evening after a very rainy week, we took advantage of that and sat out on a patio and had drinks and shared a few apps. After we went back to our friend's place and watch The Office and opened up some wine that they've been dying to open since their trip to Napa a few years ago. The first one was Artesa Cabernet which I thought was delish, but then the 2nd bottle... HEAVENLY. It was called Chateau Montelena a red zin 2004... I mean I even like the way the name rolls of my tongue. Great company, the Office, and my heavenly glass of Zin. That's what I call a good night

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Cleveland! (4 hr commute) The WE includes my Mom, Step dad Mike, and Mr. Dubs. We are staying right where the race begins and ends at the Marriott downtown! I'm pretty excited for the 26.3 rock party @ the end of the race, and it's as fun as it sounds.

My little Ella Bella this morning, she doesn't like when I wake her up from her beauty sleep, teenagers I tell ya!
The shirt I wore when I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon in January.... I'm not that good at math, but I think that means I can drink 5 bottles of wine and not feel guilty Sunday night? ;)

1 day, 20 hours, 50 mins... until the Cleveland Marathon!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Track me @ the Cleveland Marathon

4 days, 13 hours, 49 mins... until the Cleveland Marathon!

Feel free to track my run:

my Bib # 2393.

Fun Facts about the marathon on the Cleveland Marathon homepage:

very first "run" with the garmin

picture of my test run w/ Gucci the Garmin (Gucci is such a lame name... but somehow it just comes naturally.. why? because I think it's funny that I spent that much money on a watch, and I don't even own a nice watch?! I must have a weird sense of humor...)

I hardly call 1 mile a run... but, my muscles are still repairing from the Flying Pig Marathon Sunday the 3rd... and I've been limping around since Tuesday after I pulled/strained/whatever the hell I did to my right calf.

I gave in and scheduled my first massage therapy session. Andy is his name... he doesn't specialize in the A.R.T. , Active Release Techniques like Benson said I should look into, but he is in the process of learning. He said he's worked on many pro athletes(I live in the land of the Cincinnati Reds/Bengals), and even a girl that is one of the fastest girls in Cincinnati that is in my running club/training group. I figured I'd give him a try! But Andy did recommend a great guy that does A.R.T. and I may try him out if I get a better insurance policy.

This being my very first experience with Massage Therapy, he told me that I will probably be sore for 2 days after our initial session tonight... and that I should come back on Friday night or Saturday morning before we make the 4 hour drive up north!

I have a bittersweet feeling right now..... I'm used to being excited. Hopefully after visiting Andy today... I will feel better.

Monday, May 11, 2009

garmin is here!!

haven't figured out a name for it yet, but have been jokingly calling it my Gucci, because it's my new watch :)

Cannot wait to try this bad boy out!

not happy... strained calf..... ugh

I believe I have a strained right calf... the Cleveland Marathon is THIS Sunday.

Realistically, is there anyway to run this? I mean I look like a freak walking down stairs, I don't run like a road runner through my office anymore. No one has to make fun of me for walking so quickly... ughhhhhhh. All I was doing was simply running up the stairs 2 days after the Flying Pig marathon... and about the middle of the steps I felt a sharp pain, kind of like a piece of glass was in my calf and it stunned me. I was feeling pretty good Saturday and cleaning got the best of me, I walked quickly down the stairs, and the sharp pain hit me again, this time pretty much making me limp all day Sunday and Today.

I'm in the dumps today, I'm in great shape, mentally prepped to run, I'm so excited....... yet... one little thing.. my right calf. What do I do?

I thought about trying to get in with my massage therapist? I've been icing 2 times a day (I know it should be 4), I've stretched, and have been using ibuprofen....???????

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marathon Pro Pics - Flying Pig Marathon

who's hungry?!

finish swine.... yes Swine, not line. gotta love the flying pig!

Finish Swine Video.... look for the PINK!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Toenails are for sissies?!

I'm down to 7 toenails... that's hot!
Wonder when I can start running and wearing closetoed shoes? Maybe when my piggies don't have a heartbeat of their own? I'm googling "toenails falling off"... and hopefully finding my answer :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Garmin on the way...

2 marathons in 2 weeks... deserves a brand new garmin forerunner 405, right? right!!!!

it's on it's way and should be here by Friday :)

now for names... what should I name him/her?!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Registered for the Cleveland Full Marathon on May 17th 2009 (13 days)

Flying Pig Marathon 2009 Results

May 3rd, 2009

Bib #1148,
OVERALL 809 out of 4002,
division place 33 out of 267,
sex place 161 out of 1624,
6.8 Mile TIME 55:31,
12 Mile TIME 1:37:35,
13.19 Mile(half marathon)TIME 1:46:25,
19.7 TIME 2:45:41,
25.2 Mile TIME 3:39:49,
Finish TIME 3:48:40,
PACE 8:43.

I PR'd my Half and Full, although I didn't qualify for Boston, I have something to look forward to the rest of the year... Columbus/Chicago/Cleveland maybe?! :)

Here's a picture from the Cincinnati Enquirer :