Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 3rd - National Runner Day

Hi (Mr. Boss),

As I'm sure you're already aware, tomorrow is National Running Day.

http://www.runningday.org/pdf/National%20Running%20Day%20press%20release_final.pdf (press release)

http://www.runningday.org/index.asp (website)

I was just wondering if the runners of M&M are being patronized with a free day off? It seems as if I run for 4-5 hours on a Saturday for training, that maybe I should be granted 8 hrs to run for National Running Day. Please let me know your thoughts.....




Real E-mail sent to my boss... do you think he'll dig it? haha

Thanks runninduff for helping me "funny" up my e-mail ;)


Christine said...

we tried right? what can ya do...ya gotta get hood on it sometimez :)

Nicole said...

ha ha ha! woot woot for national running day! :)

Benson said...

Permission granted.
Get the hell out and play.

chris mcpeake said...

I wish that was how it worked ..lol