Thursday, June 11, 2009

Run/Walk with Ella Bella

Here is a map of the run .

Don't have anything too exciting to share, I have been X-training and doing a lot of walking because 2 marathons in 2 weeks makes for a bum left knee. I haven't been to the Dr. yet and am trying to just let it "rest". I can go about a mile at an 8:30-9:00 pace until it start to ache. Pretty depressing, but maybe it's good to try other activities instead of a running fool?! naaaaaaahhh... but just trying to keep my head up ;) As long as I can still power walk and can still be active I'll be fine... in a month if I still can't run... then there's a REAL issue. I was thinking I might need to try out a wrap or brace for my knee, but like I said... I don't want to goto the Dr. yet because I don't think they'd understand if they don't run themselves. I need to google "Running Dr. Cincinnati, OH". Okay just tried that... and I got a whole lotta nothing!

Tomorrow is Friday woooohooo! As for weekend activities, My friend Dish is in from Chicago to visit her boyfriend in Cincy and we are going on a double date and maybe, no definately having a few drinks downtown. Saturday is errands w/ my Mr. Dubs and a hike through a local park, and probably a romantic date. Sunday we usually always go to my parents for a family dinner and I get to see my sister's baby bump grow. Every weekend we try to have 1 friend day, 1 date day, and 1 family day.

Movie and Wine with my Mr. Dubs... perfect way to end a Wednesday night :)


Benson said...

Take care of that knee and let it heal.
Every night should end with wine.

Nicole said...

1 family day
1 date day
how fricken cute! I wanna do that.

I think EVERy single day should end with wine too!

Sounds like a fun weekend coming up. By the way, where did you get your will run for wine sticker? I want one that says will run for margaritas! hahaha

Take care of your knee. Ice ice ice. I'm sure walking is okay. 2 marathons in 2 weeks= freaking awesome girl!!!!!

MrsCJ said...

Sorry your knee is hurting. It's good that you are giving it rest.


Running 365 said...

Two marathons in two weeks? You might as well do an ultra next time! Rest your knee, please! It's probably just an overuse injury. I got one a few years ago on my knee and I just had to completely stop running for about a month or so. I was just a few weeks from what was supposed to be my first marathon and it killed me to just quit, but I had to think about my running future. My 1/2 marathoning MD mom is the one who made me stop, so there's your Running Doctor Advice. :)